Еще 86 бесполезных фактов

  1. Ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the deaths of their cats.
  2. The billionth digit of pi is 9.
  3. More money is printed daily for the Monopoly game than by the U.S. Treasury.
  4. Eggplant is a member of the thistle family.
  5. Kermit the Frog is left handed.
  6. The only country whose name begins with an A but doesn't end in an A is Afghanastan. Ну и еще конечно Азербайджан и Алжир, так что получается три.
  7. The quartz crystal in your wristwatch vibrates 32768 times a second.
  8. St. Stephen is the patron saint of bricklayers.
  9. The placement of a donkey's eyes in its' head enables it to see all four feet at all times
  10. Assuming Rudolph was in front there are 40320 ways to arrange the other eight reindeer.
  11. The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.
  12. Elephants are the only animal that can't jump.
  13. Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.
  14. Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns.
  15. In 1977 there were 37 Elvis impersonators in the world. In 1993, there were 48,000. At this rate, by the year 2010 one out of every three people will be an Elvis impersonator.
  16. The hundred billionth crayon made by Crayola was Perriwinkle Blue.
  17. Woodpecker scalps, porpoise teeth and giraffe tails have all been used as money.
  18. The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.
  19. More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.
  20. Pickled herrings were invented in 1375.
  21. The distance between an alligator's eyes in inches is directly proportional to the length of the alligator in feet.
  22. Toki doki kuruma de kayotte imasu means Sometimes I commute by car. in Japanese.
  23. The lifespan of a tastebud is ten days.
  24. It takes forty minutes to hard boil an ostrich egg.
  25. Shirley Temple always had 56 curls in her hair.
  26. The pupil of an octopus' eye is rectangular.
  27. Camels milk does not curdle.
  28. Murphy's Oil Soap is the chemical most commonly used to clean elephants.
  29. All porcupines float in water.
  30. Average speed of Heinz ketchup from the mouth of an opened bottle: 25 miles per year.
  31. Belief in the existence of vacuums used to be punishable by death under church law.
  32. Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by a lightning strike
  33. The Sanskrit word for war translates as 'wanting more cows'
  34. There is a 1 in 685,000 chance that you will accidentally drown in your own bath.
  35. Mickey Mouse was banned in Romania in 1935 because it was felt that he was too scary for children.
  36. Bamboo can grow three feet in twenty-four hours.
  37. Mosquitos have forty-seven teeth.
  38. If the bottom two rows of keys on your keyboard suddenly failed, the longest word you could still be able to type out is 'typewriter'.
  39. There are 2,500,000 rivets in the Eiffel Tower
  40. Queen Victoria was the first European monarch to use a telephone.
  41. A pound of termites has more nutrients than a pound of beef or pork
  42. The male scorpion fly gets other males to bring him food by imitating a female fly.
  43. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds. ,
  44. Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.
  45. Armadillos are the only animal besides humans that can get leprosy.
  46. If you started counting, and said one number every second, it would take you 33 years to get to 1 billion.
  47. 20 newborn opossums can fit into a tablespoon.
  48. A shark can grow a new set of teeth in a week.
  49. Brazil got it's name from the nut, not the other way around.
  50. The Milky Way galaxy contains 5 billion stars larger than our sun.
  51. eBaum has been featured in over one hundred US magazines.
  52. The number of UFO sightings constantly increase when Mars is nearest the Earth.
  53. Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper.
  54. Goldfish can suffer motion sickness.
  55. Giraffes are unable to cough.
  56. During it's lifetime an oyster changes its sex from male to female and back several times.
  57. Squids can commit suicide by eating their own tentacles.
  58. Shark's teeth are literally as hard as steel.
  59. Turkey's often look up at the sky during a rainstorm. Unfortunately some have been known to drown as a result.
  60. The aquatic animal, the Red Sponge, can be broken into a thousand pieces and still reconstitute itself.
  61. In Ancient Peru, when a woman found an 'ugly' potato, it was the custom for her to push it into the face of the nearest man.
  62. The magic word 'Abracadabra' was originally intended for the specific purpose of curing hay fever.
  63. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never phoned his wife or his mother, they were both deaf.
  64. The mad Emperor Caligula once decided to go to war with the Roman God of the sea, Poseidon, and ordered his soldiers to throw their spears into the water at random.
  65. William Shakespeare's father's first name was John.
  66. Sesaism times square is another word for bada-geint.
  67. There are more nutrients in the cornflake packet itself than there are in the actual cornflake.
  68. A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.
  69. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs, because a cows' knees can't bend properly to walk back down.
  70. A fullgrown bear can run as fast as a horse.
  71. A polar bears' fur is not white, it's clear.
  72. Walt Disney had wooden teeth.
  73. Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy.
  74. Slinkys were invented by an airplane mechanic; he was playing with engine parts and realized the possible secondary use of one of the springs.
  75. The Roman Emperor Nero used to eat Leeks to try to improve his singing voice
  76. After his first concert appearance Elvis presley was advised to consider becoming a lorry driver
  77. Children grow faster in springtime than they do the rest of the year
  78. A yak has the skeleton of a bison, the hair of a goat, the tail of a horse, the head of a cow, and grunts like a pig
  79. The measurement of a yard was instituted by Henry I, who decided it should be the distance from the end of his nose to his thumb
  80. It has been traditional to serve fish with a slice of lemon since the Middle
  81. Ages when people believed that the fruits juice would dissolve any bones accidentally swallowed
  82. Horses do not have collar bones
  83. For more than 2000 years a cow's moo was used as a unit of distance in India
  84. An elephants trunk can hold 6.6 litres of water
  85. The onion is named after a Latin word meaning a large pearl
  86. The sea-urchin walks on the tips of its teeth
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